Recommended for smaller businesses
and startups
Standard edition
Monthly plans without minimum length available, get in touch for pricing

  • 1 Gravio Hub
  • 20 sensor devices of your choice
  • Out of the box computer vision people counting and weather detection module
  • Support via Slack
Recommended for agencies, system integrators
and product development companies
Enterprise base edition
SGD 10,200 / year
Everything from Gravio Standard, plus
  • Create your own custom CV/AI models using Google Tensorflow
  • Your own on-promise Edge Back-End Server (Gravio Coordinator)
  • 3 additional Gravio Hubs (4 total)
  • 80 additional sensor devices of your choice (100 total)
  • Direct support via ticketing system
Required for Face Recognition
features and more
Enterprise plus edition
Please get in touch for pricing
Everything from Gravio Enterprise Base, plus
  • Face recognition
  • Numberplate recognition
  • Intrusion detection
Please get in touch with us about your requirements and we will let you know the ideal package for you.
Non-commercial users can order a very basic version of Gravio to test in a non-productive environment from within the In-App purchase for SGD 6.98 / month. Subject to import regulations this includes 4 basic devices of your choice.

If you like to try the user interface and software only, you can download Gravio for free from the App Store and explore the UI.
Request Free Step by Step Instructions how to set up Gravio