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July 28, 2023

What is Node Computing?

What is Node Computing?
What is Node Computing?

At Asteria, we believe that the iteration of Cloud Computing and Edge Computing is Node Computing.

But what is Node Computing? We are referring to a novel computing paradigm combining the benefits of a cloud computing system and an edge computing system into one in new ways. A node computing platform can connect to devices that relate to edge computing, such as sensors, video analytics, actuators, and output devices. Yet, it can leverage the power of the cloud, cloud APIs, and scalability. Other than existing platforms, nodes talk to each other and sync with each other to optimize resources and resilience.

In the next few weeks, we will publish a few thoughts about what node computing means for technology, business, and design.

  • How does a node computing platform work?
  • How is it different from existing edge or cloud computing platforms?
  • When is it sensible to use a node computing platform, and when not?
  • What are the implications for business?
  • What are the implications of architecture?
  • What does it mean in terms of security?
  • Do we really need yet another “buzzword”?

If you are keen to find out what node computing may mean for your business in the near future, we suggest you follow our LinkedIn page and stay up to date or write back to us if you have your own thoughts on node computing.  

Node computing is a sustainable long-term paradigm in which computer nodes will ultimately develop the ability to partially function independently while connecting via cloud to exchange information, inferences and data.

Distributed nodes at the edge and in the cloud leverage each other's capabilities and strenghs. Processing is not limited to the edge nor the cloud.
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