Gravio Enterprise
Gravio Enterprise is designed for on-premise or private cloud installations, so you can manage your data and infrastructure completely in-house. Gravio Enterprise includes the Gravio Coordinator software to manage all your Edge computers, HubKits and Gravio Hubs at scale. Gravio Enterprise also features Face Recognition and large scale deployment of TensorFlow Computer Vision models.

The Enterprise Edition of Gravio consists of two main parts: 

Below is an example of a simple Gravio Enterprise setup, where two offices are gathering and processing data and validate it between each other. They are managed by a cloud based Gravio Coordinator:

Gravio Coordinator UI

The Gravio Coordinator provides a simple and easy-to-use web based interface. The Coordinator is the part of the infrastructure where your can coordinates all the Gravio Hubs or the computers that are running HubKit. In Gravio Coordinator you have an overview of all users, hubs and the data that's being gathered.

Manage Gravio Studio User Accounts

You can add and remove the users who have access to your private Gravio infrastructure.

Manage Gravio HubKit PC and Gravio Hub Machines

An overview of all connected Gravio Hubs or HubKits, their access rights and recorded data. The hubs verify each other's data in a peer-to-peer network using blockchain technology to ensure the data is genuine.

Hub Statistics Monitor UI

In the Statistics tab, you can see the statuses of the various edge nodes. This is how you can ensure that your infrastructure is optimised and works at its best performance.

Audit log view for sensor data

In the audit log, you can inspect sensor data as well as data generated from Actions. The data in the audit log is protected and verified by the various Edge nodes and constantly kept in sync. This distributed ledger/blockchain technology helps ensure that the data is genuine and not being tampered with.