Getting Started Guides
and installing Gravio
(All versions including the free version)

Downloading Gravio Studio from the App Store

Your journey with Gravio starts with the Gravio Studio app from your Mac or Windows App Store. Search for "Gravio Studio" and install the free application to your operating system.


Create your Gravio Account

Once installed, open your Gravio Studio application and fill in the sign-up form. Make sure you agree with the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy and hit the "Sign Up" button.


Confirming your E-Mail Address

After clicking the "sign up" button, you will receive an e-mail from This e-mail contains a verification code that you will have to enter in your Gravio Studio to complete your registration and login process. The code is only valid for 30 minutes. Please also check your spam folder if the e-mail doesn't appear in your inbox after a few minutes.


Downloading Gravio HubKit

Gravio HubKit is the Edge Server software. You can install it on the same computer as your Gravio Studio, or, you can install it on any other computer (Mac, Windows and Linux) within your network. Visit and scroll to the Download buttons.


Install HubKit, the Edge Server

On Mac, you can drag HubKit to your Applications folder and launch it. You will have to enter your password to install it. On Windows, double click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions in the Wizard. To install HubKit on Linux, please refer to the documentation on


Verify that Gravio HubKit is running

On Mac, you will see a Gravio icon in the menubar. Click on it and make sure it says it's running. On Windows, launch GravioTools and verify that it is running from the Taskbar in the bottom right. On these icons, you will be able to start and stop the Gravio HubKit Edge Server.


Connecting Gravio Studio to the HubKit Server

Now, you can go back to your Gravio Studio and add the server to the overview. The server may appear automatically depending on your networking capabilities. If you installed the HubKit on the same machine as Gravio Studio, you can use the IP address to connect. If it's on another machine, enter the IP of that machine. Also, please ensure that port 29442 is open.


Connecting to HubKit from Studio

Now, you're ready to connect to the server from Gravio Studio. Just double-click on the upper half of the card and the Gravio devices view should open after a few seconds. If it does not open, it's likely that you need to open  port 29442 on your machine(s). If you run into trouble or have questions, don't hesitate to visit