Getting Started Guides
Getting Started
with the Gravio Hub
(Standard version or better)

Unpack and Connect

Unpack your Gravio Hub and connect it using the included cable and power adapter. Note, it is important to use the correct cable and power adapter as some power adapters may not supply enough power for the Gravio Hub. The Gravio Hub requires at least 30W.


Connect your Browser

Once your Gravio Hub is connected to power, it will create a WiFi network, indicated by the blue light. You should see a network called "GravioHub" followed by some random characters. Connect to that network with any device that has a browser, using the password "graviohub" and open the URL ""


Loggin into your Gravio Hub

Now that you have entered "" into your browser to access the Gravio Hub, you will see a login screen. This is the login screen of the "Update Manager". Log in using the username "gravio" and the password "gravio". The first time you log in, you will be asked to change the password to something memorable to you.
* Note, it is very important to keep this password safe. If you lose it, you may lock yourself out of the Gravio Hub!


Setting the configuration

Once logged in, you will find the "Update Manager" where you can configure your Gravio Hub. Ensure that the time is set correctly, otherwise, there might be issues with the communication. Also, we recommend setting a hostname. This makes it easier to access your device going forward, once it is connected to your network. In the Wifi settings, you can enter the details of your Wifi network. Note, that some of these steps require the Gravio Hub to restart. When restarting, make sure you are connected to Gravio's access point if it's not yet connected to your Wifi, or your Wifi respectively so you are in the same network.