Getting Started Guides
Ordering the Gravio
Basic Sensor Kit
(Basic version or better)

Check which tier or version of Gravio you are currently subscribed to

This step will help you check which version of Gravio Studio you are currently subscribed to.

Launch Gravio Studio, and log in using your credentials. In the top right hand corner, you should see a profile icon, select it and select "Edit Profile" in the drop down. You should be able to see in the same line of "Gravio Service Type", your current tier.

If you are still in the Free tier, you will not qualify to rent any Gravio sensors, hence, you will need to upgrade to at least a Basic tier.


Upgrading Your Gravio Version

This step will assist you in upgrading your Free plan of Gravio to a Basic plan.

Close the previous window and on Windows, select the Profile icon on the top right. On Mac, you will find the Upgrade option under the main menu item "Gravio Studio 4". Then select "Upgrade". It will then bring up a window for you to select an upgrade to the Basic plan. (Note that the price in the picture may not appear the same as the guide because of the currency exchange)

After selecting the Basic plan, you will be brought to your respective App Store depending on your OS and the payment will be made through the App Store. Follow the steps and then you will be upgraded!


Logging In To Gravio Portal

This step will guide you through the ordering process to rent Gravio sensors.

If you have just upgraded, you can follow Step 1 again to check your current "Gravio Service Type". It should be "Basic" now. If it is, you qualify to rent Gravio sensors.

Select "Compatible Devices" in Gravio Studio and then Gravio website should pop up in a browser. Alternatively, you can also visit in any other browser. Once the website has loaded, select "Login" on the top right-hand corner. The login credentials are the same that you use for Gravio Studio.


Ordering Gravio Sensors/Devices

This step will guide you on ordering Gravio Sensors through our portal.

Once you have successfully logged in, on the top navigation bar, select the "Devices" tab. A list of all the devices will now be shown on the page. Now you can select the sensors that you want to rent.
Please take note that the number of sensors/devices available to rent for you will depend on the subscription tier you have with Gravio. For example, a Basic plan has rental of up to 4 Sensors and 1 Dongle. The quota will be shown at the bottom of the page.

When you are done, please click "Next" at the bottom of the page.


Tell Us Where To Send The Sensors To

This is the final step! Let us know the information required to ensure that we send the sensors to the correct address. Just select "Rent Now" once you have filled in the required information.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to us for more information.