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Challenging the IoT Landscape with Sensors That Require No Batteries
EnOcean is a protocol and also an alliance that focuses on developing battery-less sensors that can last forever once deployed on a site. Using energy harvesting techniques that are able to convert kinetic and environmental energy to signals and transmit signals wireless over the air to gateways, sensors in the EnOcean protocol are ultimately the lowest maintenance sensors anyone can have.
December 6, 2022
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Shaping Human Behaviors in a Challenging Energy Climate using IoT sensors
IoT can help shaping human behaviors and therefore making a long lasting impact
November 29, 2022
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Creating Interoperability Between an IoT Edge Computing Platform and a Real-Time Location & Sensor Solution (RTLSS)
In this short article, Gravio explores the integration with AetherIoT, a Real-time Location & Sensor Solutions (RTLSS) platform to enable real-time asset tracking with an accuracy of 3-5 metres.
October 21, 2022
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[Press Release] Asteria and Remotec Release a Toolkit for Infrared-Enabled Office Air-Conditioning Units to Help Save Electricity
Asteria and Remotec release a toolkit to create your own infrared and iot applications
August 10, 2022
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The Four Ds: The Future of Business IoT
The future is 4D - How businesses thrive in the future applying the 4D principle
April 18, 2022
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IoT Software Landscape Map 2022
Download our first iteration of our IoT Software Landscape Map for free here.
March 25, 2022
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Hardware Pioneers Max 2021: The Future is at the Edge
A summary from the Gravio team on some of the opportunities, benefits and themes from Hardware Pioneers Max 2021 that we attended in London, with a focus around Edge Computing and its future.
January 12, 2022
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When do devices and sensors send data to Gravio?
Gravio supports a range of different sensors, and we’re often asked questions about these sensors, including about when their data is sent to Gravio. Here we explore some of the sensors Gravio supports, and give guidance on how often they typically send data and under what conditions and circumstances.
March 21, 2021
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